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Fully Charged: Thunder Playing at Best Under High Rest

The Oklahoma City Thunder have strived off of rest this season.

After an action-packed week of play, the Thunder will get to recharge their battery.

As mentioned in yesterday’s schedule piece, the Oklahoma City Thunder will get some much-needed rest over the course of the week, downsizing from a four-game road stand, highlighted by a back-to-back set, down to a measly two games on tap.

In the Thunder’s course of action, the franchise will tap into their biggest resting period of the season, taking a three-day halt before taking on the Indiana Pacers on Friday evening.

With the Oklahoma City Thunder latching to 10 players 23 years old or younger, it bears the question – is the rookie wall impacting Bricktown’s battalion?

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Currently stooping atop a 14-32 record, good for the second-worst record in the West, resting periods have become a pivotal part of Mark Daigneault’s group, and their success, 46 games into the season.

Here’s how the Thunder have fared with various stints of rest:

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