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Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Jackson Share Passionate Reaction to George Floyd

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The tragic death of George Floyd continues to impact the country, including the sports world. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson, who had a personal relationship with Floyd, held a press conference to give his thoughts on the loss of his friend. 

While it was also revealed Colin Kaepernick's charitable arm is offering to pay for legal assistance for Minneapolis protestors. This as Derek Chauvin, the former police officer seen in the horrifying Floyd video, was arrested on charges of third degree murder. I discussed the latest in this story with SI's Corey Parson.

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Corey Parson: I was very happy to see what Stephen Jackson was able to do today by going to Minnesota and speaking very poignantly about his friend for over 20 years. Listen, Jackson talked about how there was a need to, you know, stick up, go out there and stand up for his guy, because in so many of these situations we see a spin after the officer murders the suspect. You see the spin. Ok, well, this guy, he had this on his record, that on this record. Jackson said he wanted to come out there, let them know that was his brother. And no matter what happened, that those actions weren't worthy. Also, I thought that it was very nice that Jackson said, listen, I love everybody. I love all races, but if you love me, you have to stand by me at this time. So very proud of what Stephen Jackson was able to do in Minneapolis today.

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Robin Lundberg: Yeah. I mean, you know, sometimes people stay silent, especially if they work in the sports industry. Right, because there's this notion that you don't mix sports and politics. I wouldn't call this politics. And I would also want to double down as a white guy to say that, you know, it's important for people who look like me to speak up as well.

Corey Parson: No doubt. And that's definitely what Jackson saw. And then you see, when you move back to Colin Kaepernick, not where this all started, all this started over 400 years ago. But more in recent times, you see what Kaepernick has been able to do. Taking that knee in peaceful protest, got him banned, more or less kicked out of the NFL. But then with the Know Your Rights Camp, Colin Kaepernick has been out there. He's been on the front line fighting for justice. And, you know, for justice in law enforcement. But I think what he's doing with the legal defense initiative is very important because a lot of times when you go to jail on a first offense, for something small like this and you get in there with legal aid and stuff like that, that can keep you in the criminal justice system for years and years and years and years. So right now, what Colin Kaepernick is doing is attacking it from the root cause of it. And once again, you see why so many people regard Colin Kaepernick as a hero.

Robin Lundberg: Yeah, I mean, that's one of the frustrating things for me is what you do about it. So I'm glad to see people taking action. However, they're taking it to eventually try and resolve some of these atrocities. Corey, appreciate your time, as always. Thank you.