Spurs' Coach Pop Remains Outspoken in Favor of Black Lives Matter - Sports Illustrated

Coach Popovich Continues to Use His Voice to Shed Light on Social Injustice

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San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is never shy to speak his mind. Pop called all the NFL owners who donated to Donald Trump hypocritical in now attempting to take a stand against racial inequality in an interview with the New York Times

Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg discussed Pop's comments with Robert Littal CEO of Black Sports Online, who found what the always outspoken coach had to say to be right on the money.

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Robin Lundberg: San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich continues to speak out. His latest telling The New York Times that NFL owners who contributed to Donald Trump's campaign are being hypocritical by now speaking up for equality and against racial injustice. For more, I'm joined by Robert Littal of Black Sports Online. Robert, what do you make of Pop's comment? 

Robert Littal:  I think they're right on the mark. I mean, because nothing has really changed between 2016 and 2020. The message about protests for police brutality, racism during the anthem has been exactly the same Colin Kaepernick accented on its first day. So why are these owners changing now? And are they just doing it in a reactive way for good PR? And I think a lot of people feel like that's all they're doing. They're just making statements and throwing money at an issue. But no one is called Colin Kaepernick yet so have things really changed? 

Robin Lundberg: Well, you know, when you talk about the PR, here's one thing I would say is it's significant just in and of itself that the NFL has done a 180 like this, that Drew Brees did a 180. Whether or not we don't know everybody individually, we don't know exactly what their motives behind that were. But is it significant as to where the public sentiment is? 

Robert Littal: Look, it helps. I mean, it helps that JJ Watt is now, you know, saying these things. It helps that Drew Brees has changed his tune. And it helps when you see Roger Goodell in his basement doing videos, you know, about saying that he's sorry and using the actual terms black lives matter. It all helps. We don't, like you said, we don't know their motivation. We don't know what they really feel in their hearts. But I prefer for them to say it. And I wish that they had said it 4 years ago. But it is better late than never. 

Robin Lundberg:  Robert, appreciate your time and insight. 

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