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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9

For the first two months of this rather unconventional NFL season, we've been frantically searching for a little reliability as the week to week results rolled in. But sometimes, patience is required and you just have to wait awhile for order to be restored to the universe. Eventually, the fog lifts, clarity returns and our perception improves.

As it turns out, there is an emerging elite class in the NFL this season after all. A quick check of our Week 9 power rankings reveals the following top four teams as November dawns: New England, Pittsburgh, the Giants, and Indianapolis. Pretty familiar territory for that foursome, wouldn't you say? The Patriots, Steelers, Giants and Colts have combined to win six of the past seven Super Bowls and comprise eight of the 14 Super Bowl appearance in that seven-year span. If there is an aristocracy in the NFL, those clubs would make the shortlist.

And with the defending champion Saints taking a step back toward the upper crust by virtue of their impressive conquest of Pittsburgh on Sunday night, the NFL's 2010 power structure suddenly isn't anywhere near as muddled as it first appeared. In this case, it just took half a season for the cream to rise.

Now on to this week's rankings...

NFL Power Rankings

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