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Best, worst Week 9 matchups

Brandon Marshall vs. Baltimore

Although the Ravens still have one of the toughest Ds out there, they've given up big games to a few big, physical receivers. Marshall fits the mold and should have a great day.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. Minnesota

Derek Anderson is back in as a starter and Fitzgerald worked with him all through the off-season and training camp, building a rapport that was obvious last week when the pair hooked up for two TDs. Add in the Vikings' banged up secondary and I expect Fitzgerald to put up large numbers.

Matt Forte vs. Buffalo

The Bills' defense is built to stop the run with a lot of beef up front and gap-filling linebackers, so Forte probably won't rush for a lot of yards but he'll be deadly catching passes out of the backfield, his specialty.

Pierre Garcon vs. Philadelphia

This is all about the return of Reggie Wayne. His presence will attract a lot of attention from the Eagles, and that should free up Garcon to make an impact.

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Roddy White vs. Tampa Bay

Tampa's defense is tough overall, which will suffocate the Falcons, and they'll look to White to open things up, but he'll be head-to-head with Aqib Talib, who's a true shutdown guy.

Ray Rice vs. Miami

Miami's a tough group to run against, so it will likely be a long day for Rice, although he could catch a few passes to help his numbers. Likewise, it'll be tough slogging for the Miami backs against Baltimore. This game should feature a lot of passing.

Jason Campbell vs. Kansas City

The Chiefs have been playing at a high level and they're great schematically. I expect them to make it tough for Campbell and try to force him into mistakes.

Philip Rivers vs. Houston

The Texans are hurting in the secondary but not as bad as the Chargers are hurting at receiver. Rivers has been putting up good numbers without many weapons, but I think that streak is going to run out on him this week.