Huddle Up: NFL nearing return to L.A.?

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An abbreviated look at what's going on around the NFL on Wednesday, Aug. 10:

  • The Los Angeles City Council voted 12-0 in favor of building a new stadium downtown. The vote pushed L.A. closer than it's been in some time to landing a new NFL team, since the league had balked at the previous plan to play games in the Coliseum.
  • Ever wanting to be in the spotlight, Chad Ochocinco said Tuesday that he's planning to move in with a Patriots fan for "the first two or three weeks of the season," before getting a place of his own near Foxborough.
  • As part of the new collective bargaining agree, the NFL will begin running game-day tests on players for performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Brian Dawkins, entering his 16th year in the league, took a massive pay cut to help out the Broncos this season. Instead of making the $6 million he was slated to earn in 2011, Dawkins restructured his contract down to a $2 million salary.
  • At 34 years old, Ricky Williams says that he's finally matured and appreciates the game more now. He recently signed in Baltimore, choosing the Ravens over the Lions because he believes they give him a better shot at a Super Bowl.