Terrell Suggs, Ike Taylor hurt: NFL Week 13 injury updates

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Terrell Suggs made his first appearance of the season in Week 7 following an offseason Achilles injury. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Terrell Suggs made his first appearance of the season in Week 7 following an offseason Achilles injury. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Perhaps the least surprising development during Sunday's NFL action was that the Steelers-Ravens game turned into a hard-hitting slugfest. Pittsburgh pulled out the dramatic win, but both of the AFC North contenders are dealing with some potentially major injury fallout -- the Ravens saw Terrell Suggs leave the game hurt, while Steelers' cornerback Ike Taylor did the same.

How long will those players be out and who else is hurting after Week 13? SI.com injury expert Will Carroll helps us figure out the damage caused by Sunday's action.

Terrell Suggs, LB, Ravens (arm): Suggs headed straight for the sideline with his arm hanging at his side after making a tackle Sunday. Ravens coach John Harbaugh was unable to provide any sort of update later.

Carroll: The upside here, if there is any, is that we know Suggs heals well. Suggs left late in the game with some sort of arm injury and appeared to be in some discomfort. He left afterward, telling reporters he would be fine. Scans will give a better indication, but the whispers are that this is a significant muscle/tendon tear, much along the lines of what Ray Lewis is attempting to return from. Depending on how severe this is, Suggs could miss the rest of the season or no time at all. Given his mindset in returning from the Achilles tear, that has to be a positive sign.

Who takes his spot?:Courtney Upshaw could see increased reps if Suggs is out. The Ravens are hoping to get Ray Lewis back in Week 14, but Baltimore's defense has never been 100 percent healthy this season.

Ike Taylor, CB, Steelers (leg): Taylor left Sunday's key game in Baltimore very early, then had a boot over his right foot/ankle on the sideline.

Carroll: Taylor suffered a significant ankle sprain on Sunday and will head Monday to see just how significant. Scans will tell the Steelers just how much the ligaments gave as he rolled his ankle hard. It's a simple injury, but one that is both severe and functionally important for Taylor. If he is unable to cut, accelerate or backpedal, the Steelers will be another man down for a while.

Who takes his spot?: Pittsburgh likely would have to make a move to add a cornerback, though either Cortez Allen or Curtis Brown -- both underwhelming options -- would start opposite Keenan Lewis.

Sidney Rice, WR, Seahawks (head): Wrapping an incredible game, Rice appeared to be knocked out after taking a high hit while hauling in a game-winning touchdown pass.

Carroll: Rice won Sunday's game while unconscious. Worse, he was evidently significantly altered, perhaps even losing consciousness briefly after taking a knee to his head while crossing the goal line. There's no way to tell how severe a concussion will be -- that is defined by how well someone recovers and how long they have symptoms -- but it's never a good sign to be knocked out a while. Rice will follow the NFL protocols, but we should have some indication by mid-week on whether he could be back quickly.

Who takes his spot?: While all early signs indicate that Rice will play in Week 14, Doug Baldwin or even Braylon Edwards could benefit from his absence.

Mario Manningham, WR, 49ers (shoulder): Late in regulation Sunday, Manningham hurt the same shoulder that forced him to sit out Week 7. Jim Harbaugh said later that he wasn't sure of Manningham's status for the immediate future.

Carroll: Manningham re-injured his shoulder late in Sunday's game, a point where we see lots of players leaving games or losing effectiveness. There's a simple reason -- painkillers wear off and hits build up. The NFL doesn't allow painkiller injections on the sidelines anymore, somehow thinking the public too squeamish to see what goes on each and every game. Seeing players like Brian Urlacher limping more and more as a game goes on is a clear sign of this. Manningham will be re-evaluated, but he's likely to be in the same situation this week as he was last week, especially given how thin the Niners are at WR. The best indication will be if the team starts working some guys out Tuesday.

Who takes his spot?: Is Randy Moss ready for even more playing time? He might be next up if Manningham sits.

Ryan Broyles, WR, Lions (knee): Broyles took a shot to his right leg after making a catch. He limped off the field and never came back into the game.

Carroll: Broyles fell in the draft because of a torn ACL last year. This is the other knee (left then, right now), but the Lions' fears came true on Monday as an MRI confirmed it to be another torn ACL. Broyles will miss the remainder of the season.

Who takes his spot?: Detroit might have no choice but to reactivate Titus Young at some point. In the meantime, Mike Thomas seems to be next in line.

Julian Edelman, WR, Patriots (foot): Edelman was seen on crutches after New England's win over Miami, the result of an injury he suffered late.

Carroll: Edelman was iffy coming into the game after suffering a concussion, but he did play. Unfortunately, he got injured and this one looks tougher to come back from. He was in a walking boot after the game with the whispers focused on a mid-foot sprain. As we've seen from players like DeMarco Murray (who came back well last night after six weeks), this is one that lingers and puts Edelman's expected return potentially into the playoff run. The Pats have some cushion after locking up the division, but depth is an issue for them at the WR/TE position.

Who takes his spot?: Edelman did not see a ton of looks from Tom Brady prior to his injury, but the Patriots already are without TE Rob Gronkowski. Matthew Slater replaced Edelman on Sunday.

Jordy Nelson, WR, Packers (hamstring): Nelson has dealt with a hamstring issue this year, and he tweaked it early Sunday.

Carroll: Jordy Nelson re-injured his hamstring and on the slo-mo, you could see exactly how. As he was falling to the ground, his leg 'caught' underneath him and the reaction in his body, even in that leg, is as clear as I've ever seen. Nelson's hamstring is in a weakened state, even with rehab, due to how the body heals itself. The scar is never as strong as the muscle fiber it replaces, which is why this kind of recurrence is all too common. He missed a couple weeks after the last time, so it's a good indication of how this time will go. With Greg Jennings back, the Packers could be a bit conservative as well once they have their playoff spot locked in.

Who takes his spot?: Greg Jennings' return will soften the blow for Green Bay, should Nelson wind up missing games. Donald Driver, inactive Sunday, also could rejoin the lineup.

Jake Long, T, Dolphins (arm): Long missed the last three quarters of Miami's game with New England after suffering a triceps injury.

Carroll: Long probably has taken his last snap as a Dolphin. The free agent to be is reported to have torn his tricep, a devastating injury for an offensive lineman. The tricep is used to push and that's a must-have skill against the run stoppers and pass rushers that Long gets paid to plow. It will hurt him in the free agent market as well, though even if surgery is necessary, he'll likely be ready to play by Week 1 of next season.

Who takes his spot?:

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