By Peter King
June 17, 2013
Steve Gleason laughs with his wife, Michel, and son, Rivers.
Gerald Herbert/AP

Michel and I made some decisions. We were passionate about having a child. And so Rivers was born in October 2011. Ten months after my diagnosis. I was a few months from completing my MBA at Tulane University. I was passionate about the courses, and made some friends for life during my time there. I chose to finish. I love adventure travel. So, Michel and I bought a sports mobile (think of a camper van on steroids) we nicknamed the Ironhorse, and drove from New Orleans to Alaska and back. I thought I could help other people live with ALS, so we started a non-profit dedicated to that.

Steve Gleason enjoys quality time with his son Rivers.
Courtesy of Steve Gleason
Steve Gleason's punt block in the Saints' 2006 return to the Superdome, one of the franchise's signature moments, was memorialized with a statue.
John Korduner/Icon SMI

Team Gleason is deeply committed to helping people with ALS live productive, inspired lives by providing access to life-affirming events and assistive technology until a cure is found.

Steve Gleason, son Rivers and former Saints teammate Scott Fujita traveling in Machu Picchu.
Courtesy of Steve Gleason
Steve Gleason, surrounded by wife Michel and son Rivers.
Courtesy of Steve Gleason

10. I think the acronym for this column should be MMQ. Quarterback is one word.

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