Stuck in Purgatory

Ryan Clark on the Steelers' 8-8 season, the power of politeness, and great hair
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1. I think 8-8 is football purgatory, and we need to get out fast!

2. I think my kids are ready for football to start so I can stop bugging them.

3. I think Charles Barkley is the most interesting analyst ever.

4. I think Troy Polamalu will win Defensive Player of the Year in 2013—or at least best hair.

5. I think Kobe Bryant will make an Adrian Peterson-like comeback from surgery and give us the best Mamba we’ve seen.

6. I think the engineers at Apple are geniuses. Either that or they have kids advising them.

7. I think families get into the groove of football life. My wife has been hitting the weights hard this offseason after our 8-8 season last year.

8. I think Peter King was my uncle in a former life—too many similarities, including our great hair:


9. I think we should all be more polite: Hold doors, say hello, smile at one another. It goes a long way.