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You asked for it, you got it. The mailbag is back by popular demand—and print it!
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PITTSFORD, N.Y. — New policy for your mailbag questions this year: No lead to the top the column, just the best of your questions every week. Here we go with Week 1:

Puh-leeeeeeze let us print the pages!

"Big fan and regular reader, but PLEASE bring back the View All and Print options; was hoping that we would see them this week, but hopefully next week."

Andrea Kremer and Packers scribe Bob McGinn have been among the many—hundreds—to make this request. The answers: The Print option was officially added today; see the icon on the left side of the page. The View All option is trickier, because on this site the very long stories such as my Monday column break at a certain point. I am told by tech guru Jason Purdy that View All will be ready to use by sometime next week. Thanks for your patience on it. I’m sorry it has taken a while, and some frustrating times for you all, for us to produce it.

What about an RSS feed?

"I'm enjoying the site thus far but have one item that I'd like to see addressed. An RSS option would be fantastic. It's how I read Peter King's content previously and would love this option for the new site. It wouldn't need to be author specific, just a dump every time the site posts a new story."

Lots of you have asked about an RSS feed. Here it is. If you subscribe to an RSS reader (such as Feedly.com) and add https://mmqb.si.com to your list of feeds, it should automatically bring up the latest 10 stories.

Slow down, King.

"I haven't been able to keep up with all the content. That's not a complaint. It's like a kid saying I haven't been able to eat all the ice cream in my house.

I’d offer to take a week off, Scott, but we’re having too much fun with the site. Seriously, I understand what you’re saying ... and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve slowed down the content from the original plan of four new stories plus an interview and a 10 Things I Think I Think each day, including weekends. We’re still deciding how often to put up stories. We don’t want great things like Jenny Vrentas's piece on the Eagles’ sports science coordinator to get lost.

Help us with a chronological archive.

“I only have one suggestion. I read your site, but not every day. Would there be a way to classify the articles by day they were posted? That way if I read Monday, but not Tuesday or Wednesday, and I check back on Thursday, I know exactly what articles I need to catch up on."

Scott, click on the "Archive" tab in the black navigation bar at the top of the page and it will take you the Archive page. You should see exactly what it is that you want, classified by day. Please let me know if that isn’t what you’d like to see.

Organize the content by teams.

"Great site. I love the football info and the team you have put together. My suggestion is to add another tab at the top next to ‘Our Team’ and call it ‘Your Team’ with a dropdown of all the NFL teams so we can quickly read articles that focus on our teams or players on our teams. I know this is lazy, but rather than scanning the articles to find the one on Colin Kaepernick, I can just click on 49ers to find that article."

I like this idea quite a bit. I will bring it up to the group, and thanks for the thought. Meanwhile, if you search by team name (best to do full name—Miami Dolphins, for example) it will bring up stories tagged with that team.

The NFL would have been thrilled with that concept.

"Don't you think a third-party drug testing organization like USADA or WADA would be the best way of representing a fair and unbiased drug testing system for the NFL?"

I think the NFL was operating on the idea that international HGH-testing protocols would be absolutely fine with them, and the union thought the testing level for other sports was not applicable to football. The agreement they reached was a compromise, obviously.

On injuries.

"Are there more injuries in training camp than normal, or is there just more media coverage so we hear about the injuries more?"

I’ve seen nothing suggesting there are more injuries. When some high-profile guys (Jeremy Maclin, Dennis Pitta) go down early in camp, people are looking for some commonalities. Maclin’s injury happened when he was untouched, just coming off the line of scrimmage. Pitta’s occurred when he went up for a pass in the end zone and made contact (though not violent contact) with a safety. Fluky things. There are going to be some of those in pro football.

The smarts will come out—soon, I’m guessing …

"Great new site. When do you think people will start paying attention to how smart Colin Kaepernick is, as opposed to his physical gifts? The guy scored really high on his Wonderlic test, was recruited by Ivy League schools, and Jonathon Goodwin said in the Atlanta playoff game that he audibled a huge percentage and had them in the right play over 90 percent of the time. But all we read about is his speed and his gun for an arm."

He’s started in the NFL for half a season. Give the media time to learn who Kaepernick is and how smart he is, and it will come out, in time.

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