By Ben Reiter
December 04, 2013
Martellus Bennett is on pace to catch more passes this season than any Bears tight end since Mike Ditka.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If all Bennett did was play tight end, he would be well liked in his new hometown. But he is also -- as the rapt fans at Buffalo Wild Wings and other listeners across Chicagoland could have told you -- one of the most unusual people who has ever earned a living playing football. This has made him beloved even in a league in which it can be tricky to have a personality at all. The 26-year-old Bennett, who goes by the nickname Black Unicorn, is proof that you can be two things at once: a pro football player and yourself.

Chicago's tight end isn't shy about expressing himself, whether he's talking, writing, drawing or expanding his ever-growing trove of body art.
Elizabeth Lavin/SI/SI

If there can be no other Martellus Bennett, we might still learn a few things from his example. That you can be a big weirdo and also a successful NFL player. And that you can be a successful NFL player, or anything really, and still dream of being something more.

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