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Johnny Manziel's arm strength is a 'concern for a lot of people,' says Greg Cosell

Johnny Manziel (top) 'had to work so hard to throw the football down the field,' says NFL Films' Greg Cosell. (David Eulitt for SI)

Johnny Manziel arm strength a 'concern' ahead of 2014 NFL draft

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is one of the top signal-callers in the 2014 NFL draft class, but scouts and draftniks are split on whether or not he will be able to succeed in the NFL.

Most express concern about Manziel's immaturity and reckless playing style, but NFL Films' Greg Cosell has worries about Manziel's arm strength.

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Cosell believes Manziel struggles to make the deeper throws and that his arm strength is a "concern for a lot of people" as Manziel prepares to transition to the pros.

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"When you watch Johnny Manziel on film, when he had to make throws that were at the intermediate or deeper levels -- I'm talking about throws that required a little bit of arm strength -- he had to put his entire body into making those throws. And that was a concern," Cosell said on the Ross Tucker Podcast.

"Because in the NFL you won't get clean pockets, you won't get the same kind of functional space you get in college. And he had to work so hard to throw the football down the field, that I'd be anxious to see how he throws (at his pro day). And my guess is they'll structure his pro day tomorrow to try to show that he can drive the football. Because that is a concern for a lot of people."