Arian Foster thinks the Houston media ask boring questions

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In July, Texans running back Arian Foster answered every question at a press conference by saying he was "trying to be the best teammate I can be."

Foster told USA Todayhe pulled the stunt because he didn't like the questions the Houston media ask.

“I only have that reputation with the local media, the Houston media here it’s they ask really mundane questions and when I give them mundane answers they get upset with me,” he said. “When you’ve been in the same city — it will be six years [in Houston], you get the same questions and I feel like as reporters it’s your job to write your story, not have your interviewee write your story and so I kind of hold them accountable to that and they get really upset.

“Especially when I was injured I just didn’t have anything to say so I thought if you don’t have anything to say why should you have to talk? And they felt differently.”

The NFL reportedly threatened to fine Foster for the stunt. 

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Foster played only eight games in 2013 after undergoing season-ending back surgery in November. He revealed earlier this month he considered retiring after the injury.

- Dan Gartland