NFL Week 15 Sour Rankings: Jeremy Hill's celebration leap was denied by Browns fans.

By Chris Burke
December 15, 2014

The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

10. Aaron Kromer vs. Jay CutlerThe latest bit of evidence that the Bears' season has flown off the rails came early last week, when the Chicago Tribune reported offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer had been the "leak" responsible for telling the NFL Network that Chicago had "buyer's remorse" over Cutler's contract extension.

Johnny Manziel's struggles give critics plenty of fodder; more Snaps

The Tribune then reported that Kromer issued a tearful apology during a team meeting.

"It’s one of the most [messed] up things I’ve ever seen," an unnamed player told the Tribune.

Cutler took the high road when he addressed Kromer's remarks on Friday.

"Not many of us step up in front of everybody and apologize and own it the way he did," Cutler said during his press conference, "and I think we left that meeting in a better place than we started."

Perhaps so, but there is mounting evidence for mass changes on Chicago's staff -- and possibly its roster -- this coming offseason.

9. Cam Newton car accident costume: Just ... no ...

You can't see it in the photo, but the fan wore a "Mayhem" name tag, apparently borrowing from those Allstate commercials where that guy from SVU and 30 Rock destroyed things. Still, we can make the leap from there to the car accident Newton was in last week; Newton missed Sunday's game because he suffered multiple back fractures.

8. The Jim Caldwell fist pump: "Initiate celebration sequence."

Come on, how do you throw the fist pump and not move a single muscle in your face? This came after Jason Jones blocked Blair Walsh's field goal attempt, an absolutely massive moment in Detroit's win over Minnesota on Sunday. Still no time to smile, apparently. Or to blink.

7. Peyton's block: Peyton Manning was sick with the flu and hobbled with a thigh injury when he handed off to C.J. Anderson the Chargers' 1. So, kudos to the future Hall of Famer for laying himself on the line while Anderson tried to score, but this had to be one of those "No! Don't!" moments for the Broncos.

Manning headed to the locker room after the play, which at first was ruled a touchdown and then reversed because Anderson was down shy of the goal line. Fortunately for Denver, Manning returned in the second half.

6. Russell Okung vs. a Seattle trainer: Pete Carroll revealed after Sunday's win over San Francisco that starting OT Russell Okung had suffered a "chest wall bruise." Okung did not play in the second half and was seen spitting up blood on the sideline during the second quarter.

He did not, however, appreciate being approached about the situation by a member of Seattle's staff.

5. The Manziel money sign: The first start of Johnny Football's NFL career was entirely inauspicious. Cincinnati held him to 80 yards passing and mocked his famous "money" celebration at every turn.

Wallace Gilberry broke it out after sacking Manziel in the first quarter, Brandon Thompson did the same later and Adam "Pacman" Jones threw up the sign following an interception. Linebacker Rey Maualuga took it one step further, mimicking the celebration right in Manziel's face. He was flagged for taunting.

4. RGIII loses a touchdown, Santana Moss gets ejected: Because, really, what else can go wrong for the Redskins this season?

On what turned out to be the final play before halftime, Robert Griffin III scrambled on a 3rd-and-goal from the Giants' 8 and turned the corner for an apparent touchdown -- arguably, his most explosive play since his rookie season ended with an injury.

Except referee Jeff Triplette reviewed the play and overturned it, ruling that Griffin had lost control of the football as he dove and failed to regain control of it. (GIF via The Big Lead)

Technically, this might have been the correct call: Griffin definitely bobbled the ball mid-air and again after he hit the ground. But he also had both hands on it as he crossed the goal line.

The explanation was that once RGIII lost control initially, the play became like a reception, meaning he had to complete the catch. Which is pretty dumb because, ya know, it wasn't a pass play.

Anyway, Washington receiver Santana Moss flipped out when Triplette reversed the call, leading to his ejection.

3. Battle of the owners' boxes: In one corner Sunday night, we had Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie singing his team's fight song with Bradley Cooper ...

In the other, there was Jerry Jones exchanging high-fives with New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a longtime Cowboys fan ...

We'll score the featured guest showdown in Philadelphia's favor. Jones and Christie definitely had more fun in the end, though, as the Cowboys pulled away from a crucial victory.

2. Geno gets punched: Somehow, the Titans' Jurrell Casey avoided an ejection Sunday despite slugging Geno Smith in the helmet during a timeout.

That action touched off a brief brawl, featuring Jets center Nick Mangold storming back onto the field off the sideline to confront Casey. Here's the reaction from Casey postgame, via

"I just have to control my emotions in that situation," he said in refusing to reveal what Smith said to set him off. "You know, words don't hurt you. He didn't put his hands on me, and I shouldn't have put my hands on him."

1. Jeremy Hill denied: Jeremy Hill was clearly excited after scoring a touchdown during Cincinnati's 30-0 win in Cleveland, and he saw a Bengals fan waiting to celebrate with him. But leaping into the crowd at an away game is inadvisable.

It should be no surprise that this happened:

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