Ron Vesely/Getty Images, Bob Rosato/Sports Illustrated
By The SI Staff
July 07, 2015

In this week's episode of the Audibles podcast, hosted by John DePetro, Chris Burke and Doug Farrar discuss what it was like taking a trip down the NFL's memory lane to examine some of the best players in the last 50 years for their large project publishing on this week: The best NFL players by uniform number in the Super Bowl Era. (If you missed the list, we broke down our picks for Nos. 00-49 and Nos. 50–99.)

Some numbers, like No. 80 (Jerry Rice) and No. 16 (Joe Montana) are obvious, while other numbers, like No. 12 (Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Joe Namath?) aren't so easy. Burke and Farrar explain why they picked some players over others, talk about which active players could make a case for an updated list a few seasons down the road and more.

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