From Mike Singletary to Warren Sapp, we run down the list of the best NFL players to wear jersey numbers 50-99.

By Doug Farrar
July 07, 2015

In determining the best players of the Super Bowl era by jersey number, we also get the opportunity to discuss some players the modern football fan may not immediately recognize. Everyone knows that the Vikings' defensive line was dominant in the 1970s, but the offensive line on those teams frequently gets overlooked. Not here; Mick Tingelhoff and Ed White have earned the distinction of the best players to ever wear their respective numbers, and Ron Yary almost made the cut. Elsewhere in the trenches of decades past, how many people remember how great guys like Curley Culp and Elvin Bethea were?

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Chris Burke handled some of football's most glamorous numbers in his rundown of the NFL's best players who wore numbers 00–49, but more linemen enter the conversation as the uniform numbers climb higher. Along with all the obvious names you know, this list is an opportunity to spotlight the men who helped create the great game we have today without the recognition they deserve.

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Without further ado, the best players of the Super Bowl era who wore jersey numbers 50–99.

• GALLERY: The NFL's best players by number, from 00 to 99