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Tuesday night’s episode of Jeopardy! featured a reference to the Washington Redskins nickname controversy.

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July 15, 2015

The controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins’ nickname isn’t going away any time soon. 

Tuesday night’s episode of Jeopardy! featured a clue about the name the United States Patent and Trademark Office has called “disparaging to Native Americans” and Native Americans themselves consider “a part of an old, institutionalized racism.”

The $600 clue in the category “Hail!” was “Many believe this NFL team name should be changed, & with it the song ‘Hail to’ them.” Reigning champ Phil Salathe answered correctly with, “Who are the Redskins?”

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Last week, the USPTO upheld last summer’s ruling to strip the Washington franchise of its trademark protections on the grounds that it violated the federal law against trademarking offensive and disparaging language. 

Tuesday night’s game show appearance isn’t the first time the controversy about the name owner Dan Snyder loves so much has appeared in popular media. A November cover of The New Yorker mocked the nickname and South Park took advantage of the trademark’s expiration to devote a whole episode to lampooning Snyder’s franchise. 

- Dan Gartland

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