A rough approximation of how the 2016 NFL draft will play out based on current records and teams’ strength of schedules through Week 5.

By Chris Burke
October 13, 2015

Draft season has come early for at least a handful of underachieving franchises—there's just no easy way back from a 1–4 or 0–5 start.

Our latest mock draft takes a survey of the landscape, the aim being to start establishing a general idea of what teams may need come April combined with where prospects may currently stand in the NFL's eyes. It will be easier to narrow down both of those elements the closer we get to the draft, so consider this a starting point.

The draft order used for this mock is a rough approximation based on current records and teams’ strength of schedules, as laid out by PlayoffStatus.com. Things obviously will change, often, before the end of the year.

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Also, a quick reminder that the Patriots no longer hold a 2016 first-round selection, due to the punishment handed down by the league in the deflated-footballs situation.

Got all that? Good. Here we go.

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