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The MMQB (UPDATED!) Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

With all the preseason games that count already in the books (well, none of them actually count, but you know what I’m saying), the latest overall rankings and position-by-position cheat sheet

I believe I’m supposed to promote these with a line like “dominate your draft! DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT!”

So, yeah, dominate your draft. Literally. Be physically abusive with your friends. Take Keenan Allen and then throw scalding hot coffee in your co-worker’s face. Insult your friend’s mother before announcing you’ve selected Frank Gore. Punctuate the addition of Zach Ertz to your fantasy roster by grabbing the heaviest object within reach and throwing it at someone’s groin. That’s how you dominate a draft. Or at least that’s how I’d do it.

Alright, mindless bro-directed catch phrases aside, those oh-so-fresh cheat sheets:

The Overall Top 250 here

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Position-By-Position Rankings here

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