Power Rankings: The reasons why NFL ratings are down

Even as NFL television ratings grew to record levels over the last several years, there was no shortage of “The NFL is in trouble” columns. As the NFL pivoted from one crisis to the next, pundits tried to pinpoint when and how the NFL’s true downfall would begin. So now that TV ratings are actually down across the board through six weeks—11%, to be exact—the media is, of course, eager to share theories on the reasons behind the sudden dip. But while small scale polling is underway, it’s impossible to really understand the culprit of the ratings plummet. Perhaps it’s a combination of factors? That’s why we’re creating the NFL TV Ratings Slide Power Rankings! Much like normal Power Rankings, they’re short on science and heavy on opinion. But now that all eyes are on the ratings, these rankings, presented in order of culpability, will hopefully help clarify why the NFL’s seemingly never-ending growth is being threatened right now. — Andrew Perloff
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