Dak Finds A Way Against Eagles, Falcons Fly Past Improving Packers, Raiders Set Penalties Record and Still Win

Plus, the Panthers get back on track, the Cardinals continue to slip, the tie epidemic reaches London and everything you need to know about Week 8
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This week's show:

1. Dak and Dallas find a way — 2:18

2. Falcons rally to outscore rising Packers — 10:18

3. The Raiders commit 10,000 penalties… and win — 15:20

4. Panthers back on track, Arizona sliding back? — 21:27

5. Tie epidemic extends overseas — 24:59

6. Brady does whatever he wants in Buffalo — 32:28

7. Broncos beat Chargers, Chargers beat selves — 36:19

8. Reader Mailbag: What’s wrong with Carson Palmer? How should NFL handle a future London team? Reader polls on Goff vs. Keenum, Penalty grievances, and our first contest winner — 41:35

9. The Lightning-ish Round (Those poor Browns, a win is a win for Texans, Hochuli’s crew spoils Saints-Seahawks, the hits Alex Smith took) — 51:54

10. Week 8 Awards (Offensive, Defensive, Special Teams Players, and Coach of the Week) — 58:33