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Not to brag, or anything.

By Extra Mustard
November 21, 2016

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady runs with the grace of that animated QWOP man, but he insists he’s actually made strides over the years.

Brady, who ran a 5.28 40-yard dash at the NFL combine back in 2000, was a guest on WEEI’s “The Kirk and Callahan Show” Monday and said that he’s improved his 40 time since then. 

“I’m never going to run a 4.7 40,” Brady said. “I’ve timed my 40 from what it was when I was coming out of college and what it is now, and it’s maybe two or three tenths faster than it was...I was really slow back then.”

Look, “two or three tenths” of a second is a huge deal when it comes to 40 times, and when you factor in that Brady also said in the interview that he thought he ran a 5.25 at the combine, you’re talking about maybe six tenths!

Who knew? Tom Brady can actually sort of run better now, at 39 years old.

– Kenny Ducey

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