The 10 essentials you need for the NFL playoffs, whether your team is in it or not

Don't attend your team's NFL playoff game or watch at home without making sure you have all of the essentials.
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The NFL playoffs are here. With the regular season completed, it’s win or go home for the 12 remaining teams as they fight for a spot in Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5. As you watch playoff football for the next couple Sundays, here are 10 essentials you’ll want to have, whether your team is in it to win it or already cleaning out their lockers and headed into the offseason.



Your team affiliation doesn’t matter here—drink to celebrate a win, drink to drown your sorrows if the season is over. No matter what your preference is, there’s a glass for you in this Libbey craft sampler six-piece glass set.

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Smith Optics polarized sunglasses


Here’s to hoping you (and your team) make it all the way to SB LI in sunny Houston.

Available at Nordstrom | $129

Lumina 2-port portable charger


Don’t get stuck at a stadium, bar or friend’s house with a dead phone battery. Stay powered up with this ultra compact portable charger that has two ports for high-speed charging on the go.

Available at Amazon | $39.99

Yeti Tundra Cooler


Yes, it’s a bit pricey. But this cooler is high quality and durable and will last you season after season. Maybe by then your team will make the Super Bowl.

Available at Amazon | $349

Rechargeable hand warmer


For all the fans trekking out to Pittsburgh or Green Bay for those cold weather games, this one’s for you. Ditch the old-school warmers and use this rechargeable one instead.

Available at Jet | $17.81

NFL Homegating Serving Tray with Cutting Board and Cheese Tools


Take your tailgating experience indoors and serve your guests on a board with your favorite team’s logo. Because why not?

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The North Face Apex waterproof ClimateBlock texting gloves


Stay connected, comfortable and warm while you’re sitting in the stands with these waterproof gloves with fingertips that allow for touchscreen use.

Available at Nordstrom | $45

NFL Sportula Boasters Stainless Steel Coasters


Keep your table ring-free and your drink nearby if you’re watching the game at home with these stainless steel coasters.

Available at Amazon | $24.99

Folding binoculars


So you bought seats to the game. Now, go in the stadium and actually see the game with these compact folding binoculars.  

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Magnifeko Grilling Gloves


Manning the grill is a big task on game day. Cook the food and not your fingers with these grilling gloves, which are heat resistant up to 932 degrees F and have a no-slip silicone grip to keep pots, pans, tools and foods safely in your grasp.

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