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Dolphins did not follow concussion protocol with Matt Moore vs. Steelers

The NFL issued a statement on Matt Moore's concussion protocol review.
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The NFL and NFL Players Association have reviewed the application of the concussion protocol by the Miami Dolphins' medical staff in the team's Jan. 8 game against the Steelers and determined the team did not strictly follow concussion protocol with quarterback Matt Moore.

In the second quarter of the playoff game, Moore was hit by Pittsburgh linebacker Bud Dupree and remained on the ground for several moments. He was one the sideline for one play while backup T.J. Yates took the field but immediately re-entered the game. 

The team cleared Moore to re-enter the game but did not recognize the documented symptom that he was bleeding from the mouth, which requires further evaluation in the locker room. There is no other indication that competitive issues had an impact on the care that Moore received.

Moore did not demonstrate any concussion symptoms either during or at any time following the game.

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The Dolphins were notified of the NFL's findings in a letter co-signed by Dr. Hunt Batjer (NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee) and Dr. Thom Mayer (medical director for the NFLPA) that the team should engage their staff in a full review of concussion protocol and other additional education. Any future deviation from protocol would result in enhanced discipline including monetary fines.