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Poll shows majority of Americans rooting against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI

Americans are coming together to root against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
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Public Policy Polling has found that 53% of Americans are rooting for the Falcons to win Super Bowl LI on Sunday compared to the 27% who are pulling for the Patriots.

The Falcons have a 55% favorable view from fans. while 19% of people view them negatively. The public attitude toward the Patriots is much closer, with 43% having a positive view toward them and 42% negative. The Patriots are the most hated team in the NFL since the Deflategate scandal, with 21% of of fans reporting that New England is their least favorite team. The Dallas Cowboys are the second most-hated team with 19% of the vote.

The Cowboys and Packers both received 14% of the vote for favorite team.

The poll also found that Tom Brady is America's favorite quarterback, with the Patriots star earning 22% of the vote. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers received 16% of the vote, good for second place. 

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is viewed favorably by 22% of respondents and unfavorably by 37%, according to the poll.