Michael Bennett played for Falcons coach Dan Quinn, so he's the perfect person to give his brother, Patriots tight end Martellus, the scouting report on how to beat Atlanta.  

By SI Wire
February 03, 2017

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett played for Falcons coach Dan Quinn when he was the defensive coordinator in Seattle, so he might have a bit of inside knowledge on the Falcons' defensive game plan.

Bennett's brother Martellus became the Patriots' starting tight end after a season-ending injury to Rob Gronkowski. Michael Bennett told SI's Maggie Gray that he told his brother what to expect from the Falcons defense in Sunday's Super Bowl. 

"I just told my brother to be prepared to get jammed off the line, get some double coverage. That's the two things, safety over the top and linebacker help," Bennett said. "I want him to win, I can't sit here and say I'm not biased. I am biased." 

The Falcons gave up 998 yards and 10 touchdowns to tight ends during the regular season, so Bennett could have a big impact on Sunday. 

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