Chris Christie on 'liar' Eli Manning: 'He got caught' in memorabilia scandal

New Jersey governor Chris Christie criticized Eli Manning for his role in a burgeoning sports memorabilia scandal on Friday, calling him a "liar" who "got caught."
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New Jersey governor Chris Christie criticized Eli Manning for his role in a growing sports memorabilia scandal on Friday, calling the Giants quarterback a "liar" who "got caught." 

Christie discussed the scandal while guest-hosting the "Boomer & Carton" show on WFAN on Friday. Christie is a frequent guest host on the show and is reportedly exploring a career in sports radio after his current term as governor is over.

The New York Post reported Thursday that Manning and the Giants tricked a memorabilia company and fooled collectors by trying to pass off unused equipment as game-used. In April 2010, Manning reportedly sent the Giants' equipment manager an email requesting "two helmets that can pass as game used." 

"Could you ever imagine Peyton being involved in this?" Christie said, according to "No, definitely not. Peyton's smarter."

Christie, a Cowboys fan, said Manning's April 2010 email was damning. He also criticized a statement from the law firm representing the Giants that said the email was "taken out of context." 

"They presumably have possession of the emails," Christie said. "They represent Eli. So, if it's out of context, put it in context. Release the other things where Eli's like, 'Just joking.'"

What's next for the Giants and Eli Manning amidst memorabilia scandal?

Christie called the statement defending Manning and the Giants a "politician's non-answer." 

Christie, whose second term as New Jersey governor has been dominated by the "Bridgegate" scandal, said he didn't expect the Manning incident to turn into a criminal case.'s Michael McCann has a full legal breakdown of the case.