Tony Romo will likely call two Cowboys games this season on CBS

Tony Romo will likely encounter his old teammates twice this season.
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Newly minted CBS color commentator Tony Romo will likely see his old Dallas Cowboys teammates twice this season.

The NFL schedule was released on Thursday, and with a little reasoning, there are two dates on which he’s likely to call Cowboys games.

The first is Week 9, Sunday Nov. 5 when the Cowboys host the Chiefs, which is CBS’s only designated late game that week. Romo and Jim Nantz are CBS’s top game duo and are likely to draw that assignment.

The second is Thanksgiving, when the Cowboys will host the Chargers in CBS’s designated game.

We’ve seen players discuss their old teams as part of TV panels before, but it’s a unique circumstance to have a player so fresh out of football directly calling a game involving his old teammates. Romo walked away from football this month and went straight into CBS’s top broadcasting unit, with no previous experience.