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NFL draft trade retrospective: A team-by-team look at the best moves of the last decade

Many trades of NFL draft pick will likely have little impact on a franchise's future. But what about those that do pay off in the biggest way? We break down every team's best swap.

There were 41 trades made in the past year involving 2017 NFL draft picks. However, as is the case with any draft trade, it's never immediately apparent how each trade will pay off. Could an organization trading down reap the rewards of value in getting a couple extra selections? Or might the team trading up have played their cards just right to snag a prospect in the slot ahead of where he was going?

History tells us that most of those deals will not amount to much (or, in some cases, will turn out to be horrible mistakes). A handful will hit, though, to the point that we’ll be discussing their impact for seasons to come.

With that in mind, let’s take a look back and pick out each team’s absolute best move. To keep this discussion relevant, we restricted the trades to drafts from the last 10 years (2007–16), excluding this year's—like discussed above, it's tough to determine the success of the trade without any games or stats to back it up.

NFC teams are up first, followed by the AFC teams.