Vince Young recently applied to trademark 'Make Vince Great Again'

Vince Young trademarked the phrase "Make Vince Great Again" as he attempts a comeback in the CFL.
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Former NFL quarterback Vince Young recently applied for a trademark to "Make Vince Great Again" as he attempts a comeback with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League, he told SI's Greg Bishop in the Where Are They Now issue of Sports Illustrated.

The slogan is a riff off Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" statement used throughout the 1980 and 2016 presidential campaigns.

Young, 34, signed a two-year contract with the Roughriders in March. He tore his hamstring earlier this month and was placed on the Roughriders' retired list, which means they still own his rights.

The Tennessee Titans drafted Young with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft and went on to play just eight years in the NFL. He totaled 8,694 passing yards with 46 touchdowns and 51 interceptions. He has not played in the NFL since 2011.

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