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The 10 Best NFL Hall of Famers Passed Over in The MMQB All-Time Draft

Who are the biggest snubs from the MMQB All-Time Draft?

The MMQB team put together a fantasy draft of the all-time NFL greats, but with only 12 teams in the draft, a few legends were bound to slip through the cracks. Here's a list of the top 10 Hall of Famers who went undrafted in the MMQB All-Time Draft.

10. Jim Kelly, QB (1986-1996)


Remembered often for the comical misfortune of his early-90s Bills losing four consecutive Super Bowls, Kelly is regularly underrated against his contemporaries. While they may have lost all four Super Bowls, there is something to be said for a quarterback that could lead his team to the big game every year for almost half a decade. Kelly helped to pioneer the no-huddle style offense that dominates football today. 

9. Frank Gifford, RB (1952-1964)


Gifford was one of the NFL's first big stars. At halfback for the Giants, he earned countless prestigious honors over the course of his career, including a banner year in 1956 when he was named the MVP and led the Giants to an NFL championship.

8. Curtis Martin, RB (1995-2005)


Curtis Martin serves as the only silver lining for Jets fans since the Namath days. Over the course of his ten year career, the Jets achieved little to no franchise success, but Martin was awarded All-Pro honors twice and was even the NFL's leading rusher in 2004. A diamond in the rough for Jets Nation.

7. Y. A. Tittle, QB (1948-1964)


This pick might surprise some people. With a 212-221 TD-INT ratio, some might wonder what he's doing in the hall of fame at all, never mind this list, but Tittle was the living embodiment of the phrase "risk it for the biscuit." While his career interceptions may have outnumbered his touchdown passes, the man could sling the rock, still standing tied at the record for most TD passes in a single game with seven.

6. Bart Starr, QB (1956-1971)


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This will not be the last quarterback you see on this list. Only 12 QBs could make the cut in the MMQB all-time draft, which left a lot of great players out to dry, Starr being one of them. He, Vince Lombardi, and the Packers laid the groundwork for the modern NFL. With Starr at the helm reining in 5 NFL championships, the two inaugural Super Bowls and their respective MVP honors, and countless other personal accolades, the Packers essential created the blueprint for football as a whole. 

5. Lynn Swann, WR (1974-1982)


Swann was one of the first NFL stars at the wide receiver position. Playing alongside Terry Bradshaw and buoyed by the Steel Curtain defense, Swann won four Super Bowls and helped to cement the Steelers as one of the winningest franchises in NFL history.

4. Kurt Warner, QB (1998-2009)


The Rams offense in the early 2000’s, minted "the greatest show on turf," was equipped with so much firepower that it was like nothing anyone had ever seen. Warner was the field general in St. Louis and a major part of what many would consider one of the most dynamic offenses ever. After a failed attempt in the NFL, Warner played in the Arena Football League for 3 years before returning to the show and proving himself as one of the best to ever sling it.  

3. Jerome Bettis, RB (1993-2005)


Jerome "The Bus" Bettis was one of the biggest and most physical backs of all time. His combination of size and speed was deadly, and made him one of the most unique offensive weapons in NFL history.

2. Joe Namath, QB (1965-1977)


A lot of people moan that Broadway Joe was more talk than action, and if you look at his numbers, he doesn't stack up as well against the real greats as people think. But I don't care. You can talk all you want about numbers, but Namath was the first superstar of the modern NFL. He broke ground. If you don't want a little flair on your squad, you're not having fun.

1. Steve Young, QB (1985-1999)


Young is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in NFL history: three-time Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP (XXIX), two-time NFL MVP, and more. He is without question one of the best to ever do it, but unfortunately not even he could cut it in the MMQB draft.