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Peter King's Podcast: Why Arizona's Super Bowl Window Isn't Closing

From the heat of training camp, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim explains why his team's chances are better in 2017 than they were last season. Dallas Morning News columnist Rick Gosselin joins to talk about the Cowboys fate if Zeke Elliott is suspended.

This week, I sat down with Rick Gosselin, 43-year veteran NFL beat man and Hall of Fame voter, and Arizona general manager Steve Keim.

Gosselin talks about the Cowboys' fate if Zeke Elliott is suspended, the offense/defense disparity in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and reveals his surprise team to challenge New England. Keim discusses the perception that his team's Super Bowl window is closing, why the 2017 team is more fit to contend than the 2016 team, and the newness of the NFC west with two young and unproven offensive coaches running the Rams and Niners.

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