Mailbag V: Was Romo Still a Top-10 QB? Who Has the Worst Uniforms

Plus approximately 4 billion other listener questions answered in the finale of our summer mailbag series
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It’s the last day of summer mailbag, so be sure to get your summer mailbag yearbooks signed by your summer mailbag BFFs before we all head back to school to meet again next summer. But also, it’s only kinda, sorta the end of mailbag. We had about 60 questions left, so ones that felt “team preview-y” were held back for next week’s show, which will be next week. So mailbag will apparently always be in our hearts, and always be in our podcasts.

As for Mailbag V: Weekend at Mailbag’s, we still have plenty of good stuff. Would Tony Romo still be a top-10 QB had he not retired? How come there’s no 250-pound offensive linemen to block those small, quick pass rushers? And who does have the worst uniforms? We have all the official answers this week.

Oh, also, the season starts soon, so subscribe to The MMQB: 10 Things Podcast and you’ll have the full round-up of Sunday’s games waiting for you first thing Monday morning (for non-subscribers, there is a lag.) But, as for now, here it is friends, Mailbag V: Weekend at Mailbag’s...

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This week’s show:

When offenses are coming up with blocking schemes and deciding who to double, do they build it around what they want to do, or who on the defense they want to double team?—2:43

What are the three most important box-score stats?—5:04

I no longer want to be a Washington fan. What team would you recommend my kids and I root for?—6:40

All things red flags, what do they mean, what do teams consider red flags?—8:17

How do you rank the positions on each side of the ball?—15:24

Who have the worst uniforms in the NFL? (The Bucs, right?)—17:03

Statisticians and game theory experts all say teams should go for it on fourth down more. Sooooo . . . true or false?—20:53

Which teams is best set up to become the NFL’s next dynasty over the next five to seven years?—25:11

What’s the most innovative development you’ve seen in the NFL recently?—27:01

Did Tony Romo walk away as a top-10 quarterback?—30:36

Do teams use motion to try to reveal an opponents’ coverage on literally every play?—34:04

How closely are offseason workouts monitored by teams?—35:54

What’s the best way to scout/watch/understand defensive line play? Are pass-rush stats misleading?—38:06

How come everyone hates the Patriots?—40:23

Should teams consider using a college-style option offense and use a QB by committee?—45:14

Do coaches prefer naturally talented QBs with inconsistent fundamentals or fundamentally sound QBs with a limited ceiling?—47:11

Would you support eliminating overtime during the regular season, and in the postseason you win in overtime once you have the lead and possession?—47:57

Who would you rather have going into Year 2: Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz?—50:25

No question. You guys should just do a better job ID’ing players.—51:35

How come we don’t see 250-pound offensive linemen to block the smaller, faster pass-rushers?—52:20

How do all these Pete Carroll coaching tree defenses compare to each other?—53:58

Why did the Falcons kick deep at the start of overtime in Super Bowl Li?—55:34

Who are some defenses that thrive despite lacking overall talent on that side of the ball?—56:58

In an alternate universe, who is better: Aaron Rodgers playing for Bill Belichick, or Tom Brady playing for Mike McCarthy?—1:00:34

What is the next trend for hybrid position players?—1:02:41

How about a Drew Brees-for-J.J. Watt trade?—1:04:04

What’s the deal with Gary?—1:05:30

Crazy idea about playoff rule changes with teams borrowing players!!!—1:08:53

Any helpful hints on how to become a football coach or analyst?—1:09:54

Will Trent Baalke every get another GM job?—1:11:30

All offenses kind of look the same these days, is that bad for football?—1:14:14