NFL investigator Kia Roberts reportedly testified at Elliott's appeal hearing that she recommended no suspension after speaking with the victim. 

By Daniel Rapaport
August 31, 2017

NFL investigator Kia Roberts testified at Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing that she recommended no suspension for Elliott after speaking with Tiffany Thompson, the woman who accused Elliott, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

That testimony did not make it into the NFL's final report or official suspension letter to Elliott, but she did testify to arbitrator Harold Henderson, according to the report. 

Elliott's hearing wrapped up today after three days, and a decision could come as soon as Monday. Elliott was suspended for six games for his involvement in five separate domestic violence incidents in a six-day span in July 2016. 

According to the Star-Telegram, Roberts' testimony was the reason that Jerry Jones was so confident that Elliott would not be suspended. The Star-Telegram also reports that Elliott was told by an NFL executive that he would not be suspended. 

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