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NFL T-Shirts: The Best Tees for All 32 Teams

For the second straight season, The MMQB presents the top T-shirt options for every NFL team. The picks—for men and women—include vintage logos, simple staples and unlicensed creativity

Last year, I made you scroll through six paragraphs before we got to the goods. This season, you’re getting two and a half before I reveal my second annual choices for the best T-shirts of every NFL team. When it comes to tees, there’s no time to waste.

​How’d I pick ’em? I spent more hours than my bosses would like to know scouring online shops—many suggested by The MMQB readers—in search of shirts in two categories: Licensed, which covers all your big name brands like Nike, ’47 and Fanatics that can put official logos on their gear; and Non-Traditional, which includes all the local and independent brands that have to get creative with their products. For the Women selections, I leaned on my colleagues Kalyn Kahler and Bette Marston to let me know what the ladies like.


The choices are below; click on the yellow-underlined links for purchasing information. And please let me know if I missed anything via email or Twitter. Here we go—listed in alphabetical order, by conference...

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• LICENSED (Nike, $31): Sometimes simple and direct, like a David Johnson run up the middle, gets the job done best.

• NON-TRADITIONAL (State Forty Eight, $30): Simultaneously support Bruce Arians, arguably the NFL’s best soundbite, and a good cause helping needy children.

• WOMEN (’47, $45): Easy to forget that the Cardinals are one of the NFL’s oldest franchises. The 1920 on the back will school the uneducated.

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• LICENSED (Fanatics, $22): Look, you can’t hide from 28-3, so you might as well embrace it. Wear with self-deprecating pride.

• NON-TRADITIONAL (TownieMade, $24): A nod to the ’77 Falcons defense and one of the best nicknames in football.

• WOMEN (5th & Ocean, $39): Old-school stripes on the football sleeves? Yes please.

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• LICENSED (Under Armour, $34): A modern take on those old-school caricature shirts that dominated the 80s. I’m in.

• NON-TRADITIONAL (Roaring Riot, $24): As good of an example that I’ve seen of unlicensed apparel looking just as sharp as the real thing. 

• WOMEN (500 Level, $26): Here’s hoping Cam’s shoulder is healthy enough for him to do this kind of hollerin’ this season. 

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• LICENSED (Nike, $31): This fat font screams football, but don’t look past Barstool’s gem of a take on it either.

• NON-TRADITIONAL (The Heckler, $20): WE’RE GOING STREAKING, but if you’re not into running naked through the quad, perhaps this 31 Apparel beauty is better. Or if you’re into math, this ChiTown Clothing shirt would be a good addition. (Count ’em up. They’re all there.)

• WOMEN (500 Level, $27): Because Sweetness never goes out of style. 

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• LICENSED (Nike, $44):Nearly half a hundy is too expensive for a tee, but can you put a price on wearing the same shirt as Jason Garrett?

• NON-TRADITIONAL (Bullzerk, $23): And good luck getting Black Sheep out of your head for the rest of the day.

• WOMEN (Fanatics, $34): Love the circular text surrounding probably the most identifiable logo in football.

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• LICENSED (’47, $30): To be honest, the old Lion silhouette logo is better but the new one looks good too.

• NON-TRADITIONAL (LionBlood, $26): The brand of ex-Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson has some excellent options for Detroit fans. For the Parental Advisory set, there’s also this one from SMPLFD.

• WOMEN (’47, $38): Can’t go wrong with the bold uniform stripe across the front.

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• LICENSED (Mitchell & Ness, $49): Is a henley a T-shirt? Not really, but when it’s green, gold and gray, and old-school stripes are sewn on the sleeves, who cares. 

• NON-TRADITIONAL (Sconnie, $19): Called this out last year for our Green Bay Gear Guide and it remains my favorite Packer option.

• WOMEN (TownieMade, $24): Green Bay and beer is an unbeaten combo in Packerland. Throw in a championship belt celebration and you’re all set. 

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• LICENSED (Fanatics, $24): I predict the Rams will go exclusively blue and white by the time the new stadium opens in 2020, so enjoy the yellow while you can.

• NON-TRADITIONAL (TownieMade, $24): Like the throwback vibe here, and love the subtle In-N-Out shoutout via the crossed palm trees.