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Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters Sits During National Anthem vs. Patriots

Peters has raised his fist previously during the national anthem. 

Chiefs Pro-Bowl cornerback Marcus Peters sat on the bench during the national anthem before his team's season-opener vs. the Patriots. 

Peters, a first round pick out of Washington in 2015, has protested during the national anthem before—last season, he raised his fist during the national anthem and he rode a stationary bike during the anthem before a preseason game this year. 

“I’m just stating that I’m black and I love being black,” Peters told reporters after he raised his fist. “I’m supporting Colin (Kaepernick) and what he’s doing as far as raising awareness with the justice system. I didn’t mean anything by it. I locked arms with my teammates. I talked with coach and coach said it was OK if I wanted to express my thoughts and so I just expressed it."

Here is a complete list of players who protested in some capacity during the national anthem this season.

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