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Oh No, Sammy Watkins Also Thinks the Earth is Flat


I can't believe I'm writing another story about an athlete who believes the Earth is flat, but dammit, athletes keep on believing the Earth is flat!

Sammy Watkins is the latest to subscribe to the ludicrous theory that the earth is flat, despite pictures of the earth and air travel being a thing and a ridiculously overwhelming scientific consensus that the world is spherical.

Lindsey Thiry of the Los Angeles Times tweeted the frustrating news on Tuesday night.

Kyrie Irving brought this belief, which has been comprehensively debunked to the point where it doesn't deserve addressing anymore, back to the forefront when he said he believes the Earth is flat back in February. Draymond Green, who is a smart person, then inexplicably voiced his support for questioning the Earth's shape at the All-Star break, citing his ability to take a curved picture as evidence. Recently, young Boston Celtic Jaylen Brown revealed that he thinks Irving has a point and looks forward to discussing the controversy with Irving. 

At first, this was kind of funny. But children look up to these athletes and take their word as truth, so more and more athletes voicing this B.S. belief means more and more minds corrupted with this total hogwash.