• Our reporter surveyed a number of fans who were in the stands for the Rams' Week 2 loss to the Redskins. Where did they get their tickets? What motivated them to go to that game? Click on the photo below to find out.
By Michael McKnight
September 22, 2017

L.A. is a two-team town for the first time since 1995. So how do Angelenos feel about this football renaissance?

Uh, it’s complicated.

Our reporter surveyed a section of Memorial Coliseum, barely a third of the way up from the field at the 20-yard line, during the first quarter of a Rams loss to the Redskins on Sept. 17. While the pictures may not be pretty, we still found hope up in the stands.

Click on the Rams icons below to find observations and impressions from a virtual NFL wasteland.​

Photos taken by John W. McDonough

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