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Watch: Donald Trump Comments Again On National Anthem Protests

Trump refused to say that players who kneel should be fired. 

Two days after he breathed new life into national anthem protest debate by making controversial statements, president Donald Trump spoke further about the protests to a group of reporters. 

Asked if players who kneel should be fired, as he suggested at a campaign rally for senator Luther Strange, Trump said: "It's very disrespect[ful], so I certainly think the owners should do something about it."

His full comments can be read below. 

On Friday night, president Donald Trump said NFL owners should "fire" NFL players who protest the anthem and referred to them as "son of a b----." His comments have been criticized by multiple NFL ownersplayers and the commissioner. Players have responded with a number of different protests and signs of solidarity; most teams have linked arms during the anthem, while a number of players kneeled. The Steelers, Titans and Seahawks opted to stay in the locker room during the anthem.