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This is How You Sneak Onto the Field at AT&T Stadium to Shoot a Music Video

Don’t tell Jerry Jones.

You’d think Jerry Jones would have his stadium security on lock and key. It appears that is not the case.

We have Dallas rappers The Outfit, TX to thank for this bit of information. Below, we have the premiere of their video “Dez Bryant,” for which these guys finessed their way into AT&T Stadium, snuck onto the field and shot a pretty entertaining video in the process. The song appears to be somewhat about Dez Bryant.

First, the clip itself. (Warning: some inappropriate language in here)

According to information obtained by SI dot com, The Outfit, TX originally planned to shoot the video outside the stadium until they discovered the Cowboys allow ‘self-guided’ tours of JerryWorld, which is something. They guided themselves all the way onto the field.

These guys have a new album out here.