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Odell Beckham Fined $12,154 for Dog Celebration vs. Eagles

Odell Beckham is a little lighter in the wallet after pretending to relieve himself. 

Giants receiver Odell Beckham’s crude celebration last weekend cost him $12,154 in the form of a fine from the NFL, according to multiple reports

That’s the standard fine amount for a celebration that the NFL deems to have crossed the line. Beckham’s teammate Evan Engram was docked the same amount for his Week 2 crotch-grab, as was Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree for an overzealous Key & Peele-inspired hip thrust. 

On a related note, Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins did not draw a fine for his aggressive pass interference penalty against Beckham

Beckham’s celebration—mimicking a urinating dog—drew a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. He said later it was intended as a dig at Donald Trump’s comments about “son of a b----” NFL players

Giants owner John Mara told the media that he was “very unhappy” with Beckham’s celebration and that the matter would be addressed internally. Head coach Ben McAdoo has declined to discuss Beckham’s celebration, other than to say that he dislikes the penalty forcing his team to kick off from the 20-yard line.