Cowboys Fan Left With Third-Degree Burns After Jersey-Burning Bet With His Wife

“Skin was hanging off his arm and back,” a witness said.
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A Cowboys fan suffered second- and third-degree burns after his drunken decision to satisfy a bet with his wife went terribly wrong.

Timothy Silyers, 27, of Vero Beach, Fla., and his Green Bay fan wife, Brianna Hook, decided during Sunday’s Packers-Cowboys game that the fan of the losing team would have to burn their jersey. After Green Bay’s 35–31 win, Silyers set his Dallas jersey ablaze while he was wearing it

Silyers was taken to a hospital with third-degree burns to his right hand and arm, and second-degree burns on his back, according to the Sebastian Daily

“Skin was hanging off his arm and back,” a witness told the paper. 

Vero Beach Police lieutenant Tom Raulen told the New York Post that the husband and wife “were admittedly intoxicated.”