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Doug Pederson Can't Stop Laughing After Reporter Asks About Carson Wentz's 'Premature Explosion'

A reporter asked a question about Carson Wentz that made Doug Pederson crack up.

A reporter asked about Carson Wentz's breakout year in just his second season in the NFL, but may have chosen the wrong words—if Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson's reaction is any indication.

"Jeffrey said that a young quarterback when he starts his first year, he learns what he learns," the reporter asks. "The second year, he makes a few more steps but his third year and fourth year is kind of when he explodes. Have we seen maybe a premature explosion or is there still an explosion?"

Hilarity ensues. Pederson cracks up. 

Watch the clip below:

Wentz has 2,657 yards and 28 touchdowns passing on the season.