NFL players break away from Players Coalition founded by Malcolm Jenkins, Anquan Boldin

By Scooby Axson
November 29, 2017

Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas and San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid said Wednesday that they are breaking away from the Players Coalition, saying they "don't believe the coalition's beliefs are in our best interests as a whole."

The coalition started as a way for players to talk to the league about issues that are important to them, including social justice change.

The Players Coalition, started by Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and retired NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin, "was supposed to be formed as a group that represents NFL Athletes who have been silently protesting social injustices and racism," Thomas and Reid said on Twitter.

"We would rather not be demonstrating or protesting," Jenkins said to SI in September. "The only reason that we feel it necessary is that guys have been doing work on their own in these areas, whether it be racial justice, social justice, criminal justice reform or civil rights."

The news comes with an ESPN report that the National Football League did propose in partnering with the players on social justice issues, but some players are not in agreement with the proposal.

According to the report, the NFL submitted a final proposal on Monday earmarking $100 million to help fund causes important to the players.

The league had hoped that the proposal would end the protest of the anthem that have been going on for the better part of the last two seasons.

Reid and Thomas said they will continue to have talks with the league to "find equitable solutions" but without Jenkins and Boldin's representation.

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