First we had the butt fumble. Now we have the butt interception. 

By Stanley Kay
December 24, 2017

We all remember Mark Sanchez's butt fumble. Even five years later, the play still lives in infamy. But on Sunday, we were introduced to the butt interception—a decidedly more impressive play involving a player's rear end. 

In this case, Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore intercepted Matt Ryan by using his butt, albeit accidentally. Falcons receiver Marvin Hall attempted to catch a pass from Ryan, but he tipped it up in the air. Lattimore had fallen to the ground while covering Hall, and the ball landed on his rear, resting nicely for a half-second before he took possession, sealing the interception. 

Watch the play below. 

Nicely done—but the butt interception is no butt fumble. 

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