Full 2018 NFL Draft Order

The full order for the 2018 NFL draft has been set. 
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Those NFL teams not fortunate enough to be in the playoffs can begin looking forward to the draft. The first 20 picks this spring’s draft have been locked up after Sunday’s action. 

The Browns not only locked up the first pick by completing the second 0–16 season in NFL history, they also have the No. 4 pick by virtue of a draft day trade last year with the Texans. The Giants will pick second and the Colts are at No. 3. 

This year’s draft class is regarded as a strong one for quarterback prospects, with UCLA’s Josh Rosen and USC’s Sam Darnold at the top of some draft boards. The Browns and Giants should both be looking at drafting a potential franchise quarterback. 

While the draft order is set for non-playoff teams, the final 12 picks will be determined by how far teams advance in the postseason. 

1. Browns

2. Giants

3. Colts

4. Browns (via Texans)

5. Broncos

6. Jets

7. Buccaneers

8. Bears

9. 49ers

10. Raiders

11. Dolphins

12. Bengals

13. Redskins

14. Packers

15. Cardinals

16. Ravens

17. Chargers

18. Seahawks

19. Cowboys

20. Lions

21. Bills

22. Bills (via Chiefs)

23. Rams

24. Panthers

25. Titans

26. Falcons

27. Saints

28. Steelers

29. Jaguars

30. Vikings

31. Patriots

32. Eagles