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Watch: Marcus Mariota Throws a Touchdown Pass to Himself

Talk about a lucky break. 

When you're down 21-3 on the road in a playoff game, you need some luck to go your way. The Titans got exactly that in the form of one of the luckier touchdowns you'll ever see. 

After an 85-yard march down the field, the Titans absolutely needed to capitalize via a touchdown to get back into the game. On third-and-goal from the six, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota scrambled to his left and looked like he'd try and run for the score, but he pulled up right before he crossed the line of scrimmage and threw the ball. It was tipped, and Mariota managed to maintain his balance after being hit to catch his own pass and ran it in for a score. 

The play was reviewed to see if Mariota stayed behind the line of scrimmage, and it was determined that he did. The play is legal only because Mariota was in the shotgun and is thus an eligible receiver; if he lined up under center, he cannot catch the ball no matter what. 

Yep, he officially caught his own touchdown pass. Mariota has one touchdown pass and one touchdown reception. In fantasy, he'd get points for both a passing and receiving touchdown. You get the message. 

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I'm not sure I've ever seen a quarterback throw a touchdown pass to himself. You see something new every day.