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Listen: Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Releases Debut Rap Single

Beasley's debut single is called '80 Stings,' and in it he references Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones. 

The Cowboys missed the playoffs this year, so their players have a bit of downtime before OTA's start up again in May. Wide receiver Cole Beasley apparently used the time to pursue one of his non-football interests: rapping. 

Beasley released his debut single "80 Stings" on Monday under ColdNation Records, a record label he started in conjunction with producer Victory "Phazz" Clark. It's the first song from an album that he says will debut later this spring. 

Beasley references his quarterback Dak Prescott as well as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in one bar: "I'm bossed out, but Sunday, Jerry's boss now/When I ball out, I'm a dog when Dak get the ball out." He also discusses why he's not a threat to have his chained ripped off by Aqib Talib: "You ain't talking money, then you lost me/I'm saving all of it for my offspring/Can't snatch a necklace up off me, cuz I don't have one/Spent that on college funds for both my sons." What a responsible guy. 

The single is better than not bad, and Beasley kinda sounds like G-Eazy. 

Beasley, 28, had 36 catches for 314 yards and four touchdowns in 2017.