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PSA: Even Rob Gronkowski Knows You Shouldn't Eat Tide PODs

Rob Gronkowski is everyone's favorite relatable teen.

If you've graduated college and moved on past your school's meme group, you probably have no idea why Tide PODs have been in the news lately. 

Don't they just make laundry day much simpler?

Ah how wrong you are. In fact, in the meme world populated by teenagers and students, Tide PODs qualify as breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a midnight snack. 

That's right, not only are they great internet fodder but also the latest Snapchat worthy feat — the Tide POD challenge where people post videos of themselves putting pods in their mouth and then eating them.  

So cue Tide enlisting everyone's favorite relatable teen, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, to make sure people don't poison themselves. 

That's right, even Gronk knows you shouldn't be doing that. 

So older folks, go ahead and laugh at the stupidity of the young. But know you are missing out on some great memes.

Fellow youth, listen to Gronk. Keep making memes. Stop having Tide PODs for dinner.