“I won’t let one play define the type of MAN or PLAYER that I am or will be!” Marcus Williams tweeted. 

By Dan Gartland
January 15, 2018

Saints safety Marcus Williams, whose missed tackle allowed Stefon Diggs to score one of the most dramatic touchdowns in NFL history, tweeted Monday that he won’t let that play define him. 

As Diggs jumped to catch the ball, Williams came in low and whiffed on the hit. Making matters worse, Williams’s missed tackle also took out teammate Ken Crawley. Speaking in the locker room after the game with tears in his eyes, Williams took full responsibility for allowing the score

On Monday evening, he thanked the fans for their support and vowed not to dwell on the error. 

Williams has received an outpouring of support after his high-profile blunder, including from a large group of Saints fans who greeted the team at the airport upon their arrival Sunday night. 

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